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Art Auctions .shop is the exclusive Online Auction Company that is allowed to Auction SOLLOG Originals.

SOLLOG was voted the most valuable living artist by 247 News due to his historic accomplishments.

For decades SOLLOG has been a historic figure in the Occult World due to the famous Sollog Prophecies.

SOLLOG predicted

2020 Great Plague

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

2004 Great Tsunami



View SOLLOG Art Auctions Here


SOLLOG’s Theory E work has rewritten the laws of Physics for gravity, energy and BlackHoles.

SOLLOG founded GREPA the Global renewable energy movement decades ago.

SOLLOG founded TOH  (Temple of ‘Hayah) the fastest growing religious movement in history.

SOLLOG founded the Nation of One as well.

Called the Great Genius by Nostradamus the Sollog Translations of Nostradamus are a fan favorite.

SOLLOG does Occult Symbols and his work can be called Minimalistic Occult Symbolism.

A must for any collector.

Watch the Sollog Art Exhibit Videos.


View SOLLOG Art Auctions Here




SOLLOG Original Paintings in Oil sold online from 1995 until 2001 for $5,000 to $25,000 due mostly to his fame as a modern day Nostradamus. There were over 100,000 posts in old Usenet about his famous Prophecies until 911.

911 was clearly predicted in the SOLLOG Prophecies and the value of his original Oil Paintings went to the $100,000 range.

In 2004 when SOLLOG predicted the exact date for the Great Tsunami his Oil Paintings became worth over $1 Million USD.

In 2011 when the Fukushima Nuclear Accident happened on the day SOLLOG said the value of his artwork increased to $10 Million USD for Original Oil Paintings.

In 2020 when the Great Plague started exactly as SOLLOG warned for over 25 years the value of his Original Oils increased to museum level values of over $100 Million USD.

We have several Original Oils by SOLLOG on Consignment from the TOH Museum of Art which owns most of the Original Oils of SOLLOG. While some Oils are in the hands of private collectors the majority of them are Zodiac Symbols created by SOLLOG for fans of his prophecies to acquire at reduced fees.

We have several SOLLOG Drawings in various media that are still affordable works of arts who want to collect one of the most historic figures in history.


View SOLLOG Art Auctions Here




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