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Adoni Trust $500,000.00 May 31, 2021 3:04 am

Started On May 30, 2021 12:00 am (UTC+00:00)


Abstract Art SOLLOG Chaos
Abstract Art SOLLOG Chaos


Art Auctions .shop

SOLLOG Abstract Colored Marker



Abstract Chaos

Year 2020

Original Hand Drawn Color Marker

9″ x 12″ Artist Paper


Art Auctions .shop is the exclusive Online Auction Company that is allowed to Auction SOLLOG Originals.

SOLLOG was voted the most valuable living artist by 247 News due to his historic accomplishments.

For decades SOLLOG has been a historic figure in the Occult World due to the famous Sollog Prophecies.

SOLLOG predicted

2020 Great Plague

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

2004 Great Tsunami


SOLLOG’s Theory E work has rewritten the laws of Physics for gravity, energy and BlackHoles.

SOLLOG founded GREPA the Global renewable energy movement decades ago.

SOLLOG founded TOH  (Temple of ‘Hayah) the fastest growing religious movement in history.

SOLLOG founded the Nation of One as well.

Called the Great Genius by Nostradamus the Sollog Translations of Nostradamus are a fan favorite.

SOLLOG does Occult Symbols and his work can be called Minimalistic Occult Symbolism.

A must for any collector.

Watch the Sollog Art Exhibit Videos.


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